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Welcome to TenderTouch ​

Dog Grooming

Colleen Bo​st ~ Owner / Certified Professional Groomer​ Since 2001


We are open!  Your groomer will come outside to get your pet and bring your 

freshly groomed pup out to you once they are done.

NO ONE is allowed to enter the salon except for personnel. 

 Social distancing will be observed as long as necessary.

Current clients will be served first until I can get caught up, before accepting new clients.

We take pride in what we do

At TenderTouch Dog Grooming, 

your pet's comfort is our top priority!

We maintain a calm, safe environment for your pup and do our best to make each visit 

as stress-free as possible!

Customer Reviews

Highly recommend!  

She is so great with my dogs.  Would not take them 

anywhere else!


Photo:  Abby

Colleen is Wonderful!  I have a 60+ pound lab/husky rescue that she has been grooming for years.

Won't go anywhere else!


Photo:  Nissa

The absolute best dog groomer in Berks County!


Photo:  Gir